Manage the process of Export Documentation Efficiently

In the present times, with the globalisation, there has been an evident increase seen in the export activities. The companies are expanding their business horizons across the borders and exporting their goods in a huge amount.

However, to make this possible the company requires fulfilling export documentation and other formalities. The export documentation is a strenuous job that requires a lot of paperwork, getting the export declaration number, custom delectation and pre-receival advice. If the company is finding it difficult to get the needed assistance and manage the documentation work in an efficient manner then Impex Docs can help in integrating the export documentation process. For the companies, it is imperative to manage the documentation work and get the needed approval for trading with the international export partner’s on-time. Because, any mistake may lead to costly delays, that is not beneficial for the company’s image.

The company provides a cloud-based software from where the company can get access to the all the imperative documents and information that is required for the meeting all the compliance related to the export activity.

Export Declaration Number

END is a document that contains the details related to the nature of good. Getting the END (Export Declaration Number) is mandatory before the dispatching the goods from the customs department. With the aid of this software, the company can easily get the END in a few minutes.

Additionally, the pre-receival advice is also an important document that informs that the export shipment is arriving at the terminal. It with the use of the cloud-based software ensures on time transmission and receipt of PRA messages in order to obtain the shipment acceptance.

The export companies that the every country has distinctive export documentation requirements and other formalities. With the help of the automated software solution, the exporters can quickly get the answer to their queries and get the required documents list. They can easily download and submit the documents as well as keep the track of their database using a single online platform. It is very simple to use and helps to save a lot of time as well as money spent in the documentation process.


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