The importance of Customs Declaration and other related advices in Export business

Export business sounds very lucrative but the steps involved in running a successful business of trading goods in other country is no child’s play. The business operators have to face many challenges at every step of business. These challenges are not just restricted to one’s own country but as the business is done in other countries so many issues are faced in other countries also. A proper set of guidelines and rulebook is expected to be followed by business operators. Then only the permission to carry out the business of shipping goods will be granted to the business operators. This permission is granted at various levels as clearance is sought at many stages to carry out sending goods to another country for trading. The business operators must have the required expertise to run the business smoothly as this area is very vast and absolutely different from inland business. A vague knowledge of understanding of business involving overseas trading will not help in the long run. So the exporters must keep themselves updated with the developments taking place in this vast field.

In Overseas business, the business operator has to arrange many papers that are submitted to different departments for getting clearance and certificates. It is very normal that competent authority rejects the papers for want of information and required papers. As a result, there will be a delay in getting the permit and this delay may terminate the business deals. To save the interest of overseas business operators, many private agencies come to the rescue of these companies with the aim of taking care of Export Documentation service.  They work as an outsourced entity that is committed to providing cost-effective and well-timed service. The lengthy process of manual export documentation work often results in a delay in sending the goods to another country.

The customs department has very important role to play in export business. They provide the business operator with the Export Declaration Number or EDN at the time of filing Customs Declaration form which contains the details of goods being traded to another country. Export Receivable Advice or Pre Receivable advice PRA has the information related to the arrival of the ship at the designated port and a Container Acceptance is issued by shipping terminal.


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