Solutions for Documentation for Export business

Export & import business is expanding rapidly. Australia is trading partners with several countries like the US, China, and Japan. According to a report, in 2015 exports of goods and services contributed to 19.8% of Australia’s GDP. And there is no doubt this contribution will keep increasing in years to come. Thousands of exporters are working to keep these growth number expanding.

But over the exporters have faced many impediments. One of the biggest challenges is export documentation. There are many forms to fill, license, approvals, and permits which the traders need to obtain before they can ship their goods to another country. Approximately 40 documents are needed to do an international transaction. It means a lot of time is spent on the tedious task and can cause a lot of delay in sending the consignment abroad. But this work now can be outsourced by hiring an agency for export documentation service. Let’s see how export documentation service works.

EDN stands for export declaration number. These documents are needed by the customs as they contain details of the goods which are being sent for export. It is mandatory to get this before shipment can be sent. This can be done by using custom declaration software. This software gets EDN directly from Australian customs without digital certificates. The agency uses its digital certificates to validate exporters ‘messages. This service is easy as no external software is installed. It can work in any browser and is entirely cloud based.

Pre Receival Advice or PRA is a document which is required if goods for shipping have arrived at the shipping terminal. The web-based application is used to simplify the entire process which can transmit and receive the PRA to obtain the container acceptance. Again, there is no need to install another of software. It is less time consuming and very cost effective.

The benefits of using export documentation software are several. These benefits will surely help the export community. The most important are the faster turnaround time. The documents needed for export can be obtained in much less time as it eliminates manual processes. At any point in time, it can be accessed from anywhere. One does not need a dedicated device for the software to work as it is a web-based software. It is very secure as it uses industry based encryption technology. The user-friendly tool can help in copying the previous messages and get new messages in few minutes. The software updates immediately if there is a change in the status of documents. It is not a single person user software. Multiple users can check the message updates. The software has reliable customer service in case some assistance is required for the exporters. It has a standardised business and editing rule interpretation. It is cloud based so it can work on any browser. It also saves quite a bit of money as no separate software is needed to be installed.


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