Export Documentation Process Simplified

Specific procedures are required to be followed when exporting different commodities to various countries, be it in an individual capacity or as an enterprise. The process entails a list of documents required to be submitted to relevant authorities or to Chamber of Commerce before a consignment can be sent out.

Some of the other documents and certificates that may be required in order to successfully complete an export are – Certificate of Origin, Packing List, Commercial Invoice, Forwarding Instruction, Bill of Lading, and Pre-Receival Advice (PRA) to name a few.

There was a time when the entire export documentation work was done manually. One had to visits various departments for each job and documents had to be duly filled up, signed and submitted to the required department. The entire process was quite time-consuming and cumbersome activity.

With the onset of the internet revolution, a lot of money, time and effort is saved by using a cloud-based software. The money and time saved, can be used for expanding the business, streamlining other processes and making it all a success.

The use of cloud-based software has changed things remarkably wherein, getting export documentation has become quicker and easier than ever. There is no need to visit different departments to get your documents filled and signed. All this can be done with just a click of the mouse.

Hardcopy of Pre-Receival Advice (PRA) is no longer required, an electronic copy of the document is as good as the original. The PRA provides the information about the container that is soon going to arrive at the specific shipping terminal. You can secure this document when certain conditions are met.

You need to keep this document handy and safe. Once these pre-conditions are met, the consignment can pass through the terminal without any hitch. The shipping terminal must receive this document before the consignment arrives at the wharf for loading.


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