Is Exporting Still Time-consuming for You? Find the 4 Probable Reasons

While many exporting-related activities consume fixed amounts of time, it is export documentation where you might be wasting a lot of precious time. However, you can easily address the issue by identifying the main reasons that usually make it a prolonged process. Here you will find and relate with some of the most common reasons that deprive exporting from achieving efficiency.

Constantly Looking Up Data

Do you still rely on paper files to look up for data? If that is the case, you must be spending enormous amount of time filling up forms for every single export consignment. The fact is that unnecessary paperwork can be easily replaced with electronic maintenance of data that makes it easy to refer and feed data every time you need to prepare export documents.

Manual Handling

The debate between manual and automatic handling of different types of tasks is ongoing. The fact is that automating a number of document preparation tasks can save you a lot of time. But that’s not all! It also ensures that the possible human errors are almost eliminated. This can be easily achieved with the help of export documentation software solutions.

Rekeying and Rekeying

Even if you are using an electronic system, you might be re-keying the data again and again. The fact is that every single piece of data can be stored in a centralized database and accessed as and when required. Apart from adding pace to the documentation process, it also keeps a check on data redundancy.

Visiting Every Department

You might be driving to various departments to obtain documents like certificate of origin, health certificates and trade permits. The fact is that you can fill all the forms online with the help of an international trade software system and save yourself a lot of time and labour. The bonus advantage is that the approved documents and certificates are sent back to you electronically, making it easier to print and saving the courier costs.

Exporting is a highly competitive activity. You are definitely lacking behind because of the traditional practices like those mentioned above. Make sure you pay attention towards these areas of improvement and add more value to your export business.


5 Ways How Export Documentation Software Can Empower Your Business

5 Ways How Export Documentation Software Can Empower Your Business

By now, you must have heard a lot about the benefits of using export documentation software to generate or obtain important trade documents, permits and certificates. These systems save time and costs and can effectively eliminate the possible human errors. Above all such benefits, these tools perform optimally to make business operations extremely powerful. Find out how.

To achieve big in the international trade scenario, it is vital to follow the set standards. For example, the export documents like invoices and packing lists should be prepared in a standard layout for easy understanding and acceptance across the globe. Manually, it may become a tedious and error-prone task to follow the standards, while software tools have all necessary formats ready to implement.

You just can’t sit and relax after applying for various export documents and certificates. It is important that you keep a track of the status of various documents in order to ensure on-time dispatch of the consignments. A software system you use for documentation may also help you in documentation tracking so that you easily avoid trade delays.

Electronic Trading
In this age of digitization, a business fails to flourish if it is not able to communicate with its trading partners electronically. Informing them about document details on phone or by fax or dispatching the important documents by post or courier is definitely outdated. Use a documentation tool that would also allow you to send every important document via email to each and every party involved.

Your export documentation needs may differ from those of others. Going further, every consignment you need to export may require specific documents to be prepared. Traditionally, you must have been investing a lot of efforts in fulfilling these needs. On the other hand, you can easily customize the process of documentation with a digital tool.

Organised reporting of export documents adds value to the business conduct. In case you need to analyse the past trade consignments for improvements in the future, you must have an easy access to them. With an electronic export documentation system at place, you can take advantage of real-time reporting and analysis.

Most probably, you were not familiar with these amazing aspects of documentation software. But now that you are, make sure you invest in a good one at the earliest in favour of your business growth.

4 Common Mistakes While Creating Export Documents

The success of every export consignment depends largely on the accuracy of the export documents. Even a small error may lead to a big hurdle and your shipment may get trapped for days or weeks. In most of the cases, human errors, lack of knowledge and inexperience are the main culprits that leave loopholes in the important documents required for international trading. Here are the most common mistakes that you should essentially take note of before beginning the export documentation process.

Incorrect Contact Information

If you misspell the name or address of the consignee, be prepared for the late delivery of the consignment. It usually happens due to typos or unverified/outdated data in your records. For example, one of your old consignees might update their phone numbers and fail to inform you. Make sure that you verify this information before starting the documentation for every consignment.

Erroneous Classification of Goods

Many exporters commit the mistake while classifying the export items. For example, salted or smoked seafood comes under the category of unprocessed primary products while frozen seafood should be classified as processed primary products. Going further, you can classify four or more products in the category of mixed goods for a single consignment only if each of the commodities has values less than A$5,000.

Incorrect Product Descriptions and Labels

Product descriptions should match the content of the letter of credit, an important export document. In case of a mismatch, the customs might have to carry out time-consuming reviews of the consignment and they might object to providing clearance. The same is true about labels and packing list inconsistencies. For example, the products in the category of dangerous goods should be appropriately labeled.

Wrong Trade Codes

Familiarity with the International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) and trade codes is important to ensure smooth shipments. However, many exporters jumble up the codes only to land into frustrating situations. One common mistake is regarding the destination country code, especially in the case of North Korea (KP) and South Korea (KR). Another example is filling the wrong currency and currency code.

If you have export documentation software, chances of these mistakes diminish. Otherwise, you must invest great care and a good amount of time to keep a check on these mistakes.

How a Cloud-based Software Solution Serves Import Export Documentation?

A lot may go wrong while preparing import-export documents. You may fail to obtain Request for Permit from the Department of Agriculture to export meat products. Or, you might forget to prepare insurance certificate for your goods to be exported. The result may be a loss of time, money and business prospects as well as a bad name for the business reputation. An export documentation software solution is what you need to address each of these concerns. Going further, a cloud-based solution can be even more useful in a number of ways. Learn how.

No Installations Required

Cloud-based software to prepare import-export documents need not be installed on your workplace computers. These can be accessed online from anywhere and at any point in time. This adds flexibility to the entire procedure and adds value to business and export processes.

Linked with Important Parties

The cloud-based solutions are directly linked to the bodies like the Department of Agriculture, Chambers of Commerce, Customs and Cargo Operators. It means that you can instantly obtain something like a Health Certificate from the Department of Agriculture for animal food products by connecting through the internet. Imagine how well it would make the task convenient.

Customized Solutions

No matter what type of business you own or what type of products you wish to import or export. The popular software solutions are customizable to meet the exact requirements of different sectors and industries. Furthermore, you can save costs by selecting only the features you require and not the entire package.

Time and Cost Saving

Software for import-export document preparation can be highly efficient, thereby saving you a lot of time. It may also save you from last-minute delays and resulting losses. By avoiding some extremely costly mistakes, you obviously save money as well. Moreover, the reduction in documentation cost because of pre-printed forms is an added advantage.

Control on Data

By keeping the data safely stored in a cloud-based solution, you enjoy the peace of mind regarding data integrity. In addition, you have the advantage of online monitoring the status of documents which brings in transparency and efficiency. Not only that, you can maintain a database of your past import-export transactions to carry out future analysis and improve future trade transactions.

Going Digital

By following the modern approach of documentation using a digital solution would only bring good name to your company. For example, sending documents to your buyers, freight forwarders and other parties by email would enhance your business’s image.

To enjoy each of these advantages, you must choose the right software for your export needs. Check whether it serves to the needs like Phytosanitary Certificate, Certificate of Origin and other documents or not.

Export Documentation Process Simplified

Specific procedures are required to be followed when exporting different commodities to various countries, be it in an individual capacity or as an enterprise. The process entails a list of documents required to be submitted to relevant authorities or to Chamber of Commerce before a consignment can be sent out.

Some of the other documents and certificates that may be required in order to successfully complete an export are – Certificate of Origin, Packing List, Commercial Invoice, Forwarding Instruction, Bill of Lading, and Pre-Receival Advice (PRA) to name a few.

There was a time when the entire export documentation work was done manually. One had to visits various departments for each job and documents had to be duly filled up, signed and submitted to the required department. The entire process was quite time-consuming and cumbersome activity.

With the onset of the internet revolution, a lot of money, time and effort is saved by using a cloud-based software. The money and time saved, can be used for expanding the business, streamlining other processes and making it all a success.

The use of cloud-based software has changed things remarkably wherein, getting export documentation has become quicker and easier than ever. There is no need to visit different departments to get your documents filled and signed. All this can be done with just a click of the mouse.

Hardcopy of Pre-Receival Advice (PRA) is no longer required, an electronic copy of the document is as good as the original. The PRA provides the information about the container that is soon going to arrive at the specific shipping terminal. You can secure this document when certain conditions are met.

You need to keep this document handy and safe. Once these pre-conditions are met, the consignment can pass through the terminal without any hitch. The shipping terminal must receive this document before the consignment arrives at the wharf for loading.

Have the right export documentation for doing exports in Australia!

Export is a powerful business activity Australia, which generates great revenues. There are many products that are exported from Australia and many businessmen follow this activity which contributes to the development of the country’s economy. To carry out exports in Australia, one needs to acquire the right documentation and licenses to carry out the exports in a legal manner. Different products have different kinds of documents and paperwork that is required by the government, and the exporter needs to fulfill the same before exporting any products outside the country.

There is an Export Document Software that is available in the market, which helps in streamlining the entire export process. This document is cloud-based and can store information and files in large volumes. The software has all the information that an exporter needs and can fill all the forms online itself in order to reduce the paperwork. You can choose the products that you wish to export and the software would guide you to the forms that need to be completed for the same. These forms are organized and get saved as and when you fill it so that you do not lose out on the information. The software also helps you in reducing the paperwork and makes you fill the right forms, instead of wasting your time in trying to find the forms that need to be filled for your export business. You also need to request for the permit in order to apply for the export license. This is to justify that the products which you are going to export out of Australia are legal and would not harm any human being or the image of the country. Upon receiving the permit, you can fill all the forms that are required to obtain the license for exports. You can use the software for filling the forms which you help you in raising the request for the permit.

It is important to attain an Export Declaration Number as it helps the customs officers to analyse on the products that are to be exported from the country. The number is usually alphanumeric in nature and needs to be obtained before you can start the export process. This also marks the legality of the products that are to be exported and the gives the businessman identification for export. Therefore, it is the most important step in carrying out exports from the country and should be attained at any cost. There are many companies that offer Export Documentation Service, which makes your work for export documentation easier and can be kept in one place. They would also help speed the process of obtaining a license and declaration number so that you can start your business of exports as soon as possible. They take a few fees for filing your paperwork and obtaining your license, which is a small price to pay in order to avoid all the hurdles in obtaining the export license.

Ease Up Your Export Procedures with an Expert Advice

It is difficult to handle trade on an international level and its complex procedures. A lot of documents, liaising, approvals and permits are required for smooth exports and imports. Co-operation with trading partners and service providers is essential to ship the goods from one country to another. An export documentation is a complicated process and generally paper-based for an export process. There are several documents that are required at the time of export and should be available to the exporter. The requirements for the export and import countries are different and both are bound by the laws and regulations of legal export processes.

Some of the organizations work to make your export process quick and easy. They can offer Request for permits and Phytosanitary certificates with cloud-based solutions. To save time and avoid errors, the clients can get their documents electronically and get rid of the manual process. Apart from this, an Export declaration number can be obtained directly from the customs with web based applications and without using digital copies of certificates. These services can be availed by those clients who don’t want to get into the lengthy and formal process of export documentation. These organizations are helpful in streamlining the export procedure.

Export documentation service is also provided to the different industries for all the relevant certificates from the authorities. An export documentation company helps in getting the documents which include a certificate of origin, EDN (Export declaration number, RFP’s (request of permits) and Pre-Receival advice (PRA) and other shipping documents as and when required by the clients. The rates are fair and applicable for per transaction without any extra changes for amendments. The industries can outsource their export documentation works and simplify the process without spending extra time and money. It is beneficial for those clients who want to focus on other legal formalities rather than an export documentation procedure.

These services are advantageous for small to large enterprises for getting high-end solutions for the smooth business operations. The team works with the best efforts to enhance the possibilities of international trade and automate the process with a web application and professional approach.