How to solve your export documentation problem with export documentation service?

Have you ever experience a situation when an employee of yours create a small mistake in a document and it has cost you huge amounts of money or a wrong document is lost in pile of other documents or even worse, if a confidential document has reached wrong hands? If any of this has happened to you and in you are in an import/export business where there is a requirement of hundreds of documents on daily basis, then you need to start acting seriously now!

Export documentation software is an automated cloud-based solution for all your export documentation problems. The software is designed in such a manner that all export related documents are organized, categorized, saved and ready to retrieve and use anytime. The software meets the standard document control requirements for achieving an effective quality management system. Not everyone in your company would have access to the information and only authorized personnel would be allowed to access the documents as and when required. The software has the ability to store multiple documents. For instance, if you are exporting a shipment to the same client again and need to submit a Request for permit, then you don’t need to enter all the information again. You can easily retrieve the old information and just punch in the new information as per current shipment. The complete procedure is less time-consuming.

Gone are the days when people use to fill each and every form manually. Today with automated solutions you can get your work done in minutes and with complete accuracy, which was not possible in a manual environment. In case you are not well-versed with operating software, you can outsource the service to Export documentation service that can do the needful on your behalf. They are masters in operating the software; hence, the chances of errors are absolutely zero. So, whether it is about filling for COI or submitting a Pre Recieval advice to the shipping terminal, every task related to export documentation is handled by these services.


Solutions for Documentation for Export business

Export & import business is expanding rapidly. Australia is trading partners with several countries like the US, China, and Japan. According to a report, in 2015 exports of goods and services contributed to 19.8% of Australia’s GDP. And there is no doubt this contribution will keep increasing in years to come. Thousands of exporters are working to keep these growth number expanding.

But over the exporters have faced many impediments. One of the biggest challenges is export documentation. There are many forms to fill, license, approvals, and permits which the traders need to obtain before they can ship their goods to another country. Approximately 40 documents are needed to do an international transaction. It means a lot of time is spent on the tedious task and can cause a lot of delay in sending the consignment abroad. But this work now can be outsourced by hiring an agency for export documentation service. Let’s see how export documentation service works.

EDN stands for export declaration number. These documents are needed by the customs as they contain details of the goods which are being sent for export. It is mandatory to get this before shipment can be sent. This can be done by using custom declaration software. This software gets EDN directly from Australian customs without digital certificates. The agency uses its digital certificates to validate exporters ‘messages. This service is easy as no external software is installed. It can work in any browser and is entirely cloud based.

Pre Receival Advice or PRA is a document which is required if goods for shipping have arrived at the shipping terminal. The web-based application is used to simplify the entire process which can transmit and receive the PRA to obtain the container acceptance. Again, there is no need to install another of software. It is less time consuming and very cost effective.

The benefits of using export documentation software are several. These benefits will surely help the export community. The most important are the faster turnaround time. The documents needed for export can be obtained in much less time as it eliminates manual processes. At any point in time, it can be accessed from anywhere. One does not need a dedicated device for the software to work as it is a web-based software. It is very secure as it uses industry based encryption technology. The user-friendly tool can help in copying the previous messages and get new messages in few minutes. The software updates immediately if there is a change in the status of documents. It is not a single person user software. Multiple users can check the message updates. The software has reliable customer service in case some assistance is required for the exporters. It has a standardised business and editing rule interpretation. It is cloud based so it can work on any browser. It also saves quite a bit of money as no separate software is needed to be installed.

The importance of Customs Declaration and other related advices in Export business

Export business sounds very lucrative but the steps involved in running a successful business of trading goods in other country is no child’s play. The business operators have to face many challenges at every step of business. These challenges are not just restricted to one’s own country but as the business is done in other countries so many issues are faced in other countries also. A proper set of guidelines and rulebook is expected to be followed by business operators. Then only the permission to carry out the business of shipping goods will be granted to the business operators. This permission is granted at various levels as clearance is sought at many stages to carry out sending goods to another country for trading. The business operators must have the required expertise to run the business smoothly as this area is very vast and absolutely different from inland business. A vague knowledge of understanding of business involving overseas trading will not help in the long run. So the exporters must keep themselves updated with the developments taking place in this vast field.

In Overseas business, the business operator has to arrange many papers that are submitted to different departments for getting clearance and certificates. It is very normal that competent authority rejects the papers for want of information and required papers. As a result, there will be a delay in getting the permit and this delay may terminate the business deals. To save the interest of overseas business operators, many private agencies come to the rescue of these companies with the aim of taking care of Export Documentation service.  They work as an outsourced entity that is committed to providing cost-effective and well-timed service. The lengthy process of manual export documentation work often results in a delay in sending the goods to another country.

The customs department has very important role to play in export business. They provide the business operator with the Export Declaration Number or EDN at the time of filing Customs Declaration form which contains the details of goods being traded to another country. Export Receivable Advice or Pre Receivable advice PRA has the information related to the arrival of the ship at the designated port and a Container Acceptance is issued by shipping terminal.

Simplified services of Export solution

Export business is a very vast area and needs the expertise to run it smoothly. The exporter must have to be very sound both physically and mentally as export involves a lot of different types of clearance from various authorities, lots of certificates to be issued, various types of registration numbers etc.

Getting these documents ready and registration done is not an easy cake to walk. The requirement of lots of paper work makes this job a mammoth task. To ease the process of export documentation and to expedite the retrieving of various registration numbers, international trade software is devised. It is an online platform that takes care of export documentation in a full-fledged way.
Many agencies are active in taking care of export documentation on behalf of exporters by making a better use of international trade software. Nowadays exporters are outsourcing their export documentation work to agencies for timely and cost effective services. The manual process of export documentation is extremely time-consuming and sometimes products are not exported in the set time frame.

The agencies that are providing Export Documentation services are instrumental in obtaining various documents like following:

  • Health Certificates, Phytosanitary certificates which are issued by Agriculture Department. It is required in case of export of fisheries products and plants.
  • Export Declaration Number or EDN. Export Declaration Number (EDN) is issued by the customs department. EDN is issued when Export Goods Declaration form is submitted to the custom department. It contains the details of the goods which are exported. An EDN is issued upon acceptance of Export Declaration Form. It is a combination of nine alphanumeric characters. There is a provision of lodging the export declaration form up to six months in advance. The Customs Declaration is important for uninterrupted passage of goods from one country to another.

Export declaration forms can now be submitted online with help of agencies and EDN number can be obtained easily. 

  • Certificate of Origin or COO which is issued by any Chamber of Commerce
  • PRA or Pre-Receivable Advice is also submitted. It was primarily known as Export Receival Advice. It is information to shipping terminal about the arrival of the container. In return, Cargo or Container Acceptance is issued by the shipping terminal.

Manage the process of Export Documentation Efficiently

In the present times, with the globalisation, there has been an evident increase seen in the export activities. The companies are expanding their business horizons across the borders and exporting their goods in a huge amount.

However, to make this possible the company requires fulfilling export documentation and other formalities. The export documentation is a strenuous job that requires a lot of paperwork, getting the export declaration number, custom delectation and pre-receival advice. If the company is finding it difficult to get the needed assistance and manage the documentation work in an efficient manner then Impex Docs can help in integrating the export documentation process. For the companies, it is imperative to manage the documentation work and get the needed approval for trading with the international export partner’s on-time. Because, any mistake may lead to costly delays, that is not beneficial for the company’s image.

The company provides a cloud-based software from where the company can get access to the all the imperative documents and information that is required for the meeting all the compliance related to the export activity.

Export Declaration Number

END is a document that contains the details related to the nature of good. Getting the END (Export Declaration Number) is mandatory before the dispatching the goods from the customs department. With the aid of this software, the company can easily get the END in a few minutes.

Additionally, the pre-receival advice is also an important document that informs that the export shipment is arriving at the terminal. It with the use of the cloud-based software ensures on time transmission and receipt of PRA messages in order to obtain the shipment acceptance.

The export companies that the every country has distinctive export documentation requirements and other formalities. With the help of the automated software solution, the exporters can quickly get the answer to their queries and get the required documents list. They can easily download and submit the documents as well as keep the track of their database using a single online platform. It is very simple to use and helps to save a lot of time as well as money spent in the documentation process.

Know about the Importance of Certificate of Origin in Imports

Certificate of Origin is known to be an important document for the import customs clearance in maximum importing countries.

In accordance with the government policies of some countries and also the unilateral and bilateral agreements between the countries, import duty could be exempted under specified goods from a few countries. As per the consumption and availability of the goods, some goods are imposed by import duty for the sake of importing of such goods. Duties are levied on goods that would be importing various other countries due to the political policies. Hence, the importance of confirming the origin of the goods plays a very important role in the international trade between the countries.

Certificate of origin is known to be a document that certifies the origin of the country where the exports are originally manufactured and acquired. In many cases, the buyer would only need the certificate that is issued by the locally based Chamber of Commerce. In some other cases, the buyer needs to get generalised system of preference that is issued by the export council works of the respective country. When issuing the certificate of origin, the commercial invoice copy will also be attested by some authorities.

Normally when the goods are required to be exported from Australia to other countries, it requires being declared as the export declaration in case the value of the goods exceed AUD 2000 or if they are in need of an export permit, no matter what their value is. There are certain goods that do not need an export declaration and they include goods that value not more than AUD 2000, pets, personal effects, goods that are provisionally imported under the section 162A of the Customs Act 1901, Australian aircraft and the ship spares, Australian post or diplomatic bags of mail, domestic cargo containers of Australia for International carriage of ship and cargo stores and the military goods of any value that are considered the property of the Australian Government for the usage of overseas by the Australian Defence forces. The export declaration provides the customs with the details about the goods that requires export. The export declaration provides the customers with all the details of goods that are required to be exported. Thereafter the ICS issues the Export declaration number once accepted and this consists of 9 alphanumeric characters.

Export Documentation and its significance

In Export Documentation it is necessary for clarity in essential elements fundamental to export. The letter of credit is a basic underlying requirement in its progress. It provides a dependable mode of payment.

A letter of credit symbolises:

  • It is an undertaking by the bank to make payment.
  • It has to be in writing.
  • The bank is called the issuing bank.
  • According to the steps set down by the buyer and his request to the issuing bank it is given to the seller called the beneficiary.
  • With it the buyer instructs the bank to make payment to the beneficiary or give a draft i.e. bill of exchange.
  • The amount for payment has to be specified.
  • It has to be cleared within a fixed time against valid documents.
  • The letter of credit may be revocable or irrevocable

Other methods of payment, for eg. by cash along with the order exist. Or by open account where the buyer on receiving goods at an agreed time remits payment.
For a safe and smooth journeys end of the export transaction furnishing dependable documentation guards against any future conflict.

Bill of lading

This is issued by a carrier as a receipt for goods to be transported to the point of disembarkation. It contains the covenants for transfer. A bill of lading is a document of title of the custody of the merchandise in its possession. The letter of credit determines the port of loading and the port of discharge. Further the letter of credit contains directions of the manner the goods have to be allocated which have to be strictly adhered to. Any overlying markings showing the defect in their packaging or condition results in the bill of lading being rejected.

All this shows that both the bill of lading and letter of credit have to be shielded with impeccable export documentation.

Insurance Policy

The exporter has to provide sound insurance to the buyer. Necessary insurance policy and certificates have to be issued. The export documentation has to be very sensitive to the extent of coverage and risk agreed upon between the parties from the very inception of their contract.

Export documentation process

An important feature of this process is the role of international freight forwarders. They act on behalf of the exporter to move cargo finally to the customer. Having inside knowledge about the peculiar, changing foreign rules and regulations relevant to shipping and trade. Inputs by them on freight costs, port charges, insurance, and fees governing different transactions help in preparing price quotations. Best and protective packing of merchandise can be supplied and arranged by them. They also assist in reviewing entire documentation process. They deal with cargo on its arrival at the port. They deal with customs brokers. Lastly they may forward the documents to the customer or paying the bank.

Export Declaration Number

The exporter is required to fill up at the port of export all the details describing the nature and content of his goods. The customs department after thoroughly going through these details issues an Export Declaration Number EDN.

Certificate of Origin

This witnesses the country where the goods sought to be exported have been manufactured.