Customs Clearance of Export Goods

Accurate and fast Export Documentation is required to save money and time on exports. This is important to avoid customs penalties, contractual issues, difficulties in getting paid and transport delays. Even when agents or freight forwarders are involved, efficiency in the Export Documentation Process is required.

It is important to seek advice on trade documentation and export declaration number required for overseas markets so that it is clear how the letters of credit, ATA Carnets, Certificate of Origin and other Customs documents are to be handled. Trade experts can help in the successful certification, legalization, signing and issuance of all the documents required.

Customs clearance is the major source of trouble for exporters, though the clearance formalities have gotten simplified over the years. They are now comparable to local sales procedures. Introducing software systems for the filing of documents electronically has brought about this change. Both the government as well as traders in the export business can now handle import and export procedures easily and accurately. The fast growing telecommunication and electronics industries all over the world have contributed largely in all the sectors for boosting the simplification of formalities and procedures in the import and export trade.

Once the packing list and invoice has been prepared, on the basis of the letter of credit or the purchase order, customs clearance procedures are arranged, well before the shipment time of the order. A customs broker can be appointed if assistance is required in the customs clearance procedures. After the documents have been received from the exporter, shipping bill can be filed electronically through software systems available online. Then shipping bill number is then generated, according to the serial order country-wide.

The goods that are to be exported are transported to sea port, airport or freight stations. They are then unloaded to their respective shipping yards. Location yard is the responsibility of the carrier to decide. Export customs formalities and procedures are then completed and the examination of goods is conducted by higher officials. Customs officials assess the value of the goods, along with other information that needs to be verified.

Export Documentation Service That Simplifies Things

The export business is one that rewards the country as well as exporters with a lot of financial abundance. At the same time, the export documentation process can be challenging to keep up with all the requirements and regulations of this particular industry, which keeps exporters on their toes. They have to keep in mind different documents and certificates from different documents, get them duly filled up and certificated, and submit them to the relevant departments just in time for the shipment to be sent or received. This can be a lot to keep in mind, which can sometimes result in forgetfulness which in turn results in delays at the shipping end.

All of this can be solved with a simple solution an effective export documentation service that helps exporters keep on top of all the documents they need for various shipments of different categories in different ports in different countries. For example, without the pre-receival advice, the shipment will not be accepted at the port of call. It will be either returned or delayed indefinitely. This results in thousands and even millions of dollars being lost, not to mention the amount of time, effort, and energy being lost too.

Through a cloud-based solution that provides all the relevant documents to be downloaded at anytime and anywhere, exporters can print out documents and send them online itself to the respective departments for approvals. No more running around to different departments for different authorizations. With such an online solution for export documentation, exporters also get all the information they need for any of their requirements under one roof. So whether it is exporting for the food and beverages industry or for the consumer electronics industry, they can know the different regulations and documents required right from the online platform, which saves time and energy that can be spent on other things.

The online system also makes it easier to contact the relevant departments, ask questions, get clarifications, etc., which helps to make the entire process smoother and more streamlined. This way, everyone benefits in the end, making the country of Australia even more prosperous at the end of the day.

Professional Export Documentation Service for Hassle-Free Business

The export business is one of the main driving forces of the Australian economy. With millions of dollars generated in revenue through exports, there obviously has to be a flawless and smooth system in place to ensure that all the financial transactions, shipments, and consignments are managed efficiently and in a timely manner. Combined with all the global regulations and compliance measures in place, the result is a maze of documents, certificates, and permits to get through before a shipment can be sent or received. The entire export documentation process, though seemingly complicated, was set in place with one goal in mind-to ensure the safety and compliance of all involved.

A professional export documentation service that has a well-designed documentation software online or on the cloud can significantly help smoothen this process and expedite proceedings. From getting export permits and certificates from the relevant authorities to getting it stamped and certified, printed, downloaded, and emailed, everything can be done from a single platform that makes life easier for everyone involved.

Of the many different certificates and permits that are required, some are crucial in the scheme of things, such as the certified declaration of origin. This certificate is usually required when any of the goods to be exported are manufactured outside Australia. This certificate is usually requested by the destination country. Getting this certificate is mandatory and any delay or misplacing of the certificate can result in the shipment not being accepted at the port of destination, which would mean millions of dollars lost in the transaction. In order to avoid all this, getting it in time from the relevant authorities is of utmost importance.

A professional export documentation service will ensure that a shipment has all the certificates and documents it needs to be sent from Australia and received at the port of destination. Getting organized with all the necessary documents streamlined in one place is the starting point for success in the export industry when a whole lot rides on the presence of a single document, so businesses can do better when they ensure that everything is in order!

Export documentation helps in making the process of export easy and reliable

Documentation is a basic way that helps in conveying useful and meaningful information from any company or any person to another company or person. Export documentation is a permanent proof that acts as a permanent documental proof for all the process and procedures that are undertaken during the export procedure. It is used for satisfying the custom of both the countries so that the transportation of the goods can be done safely and the payments of the goods can be received without any trouble. The most important documents that are required by an exporter are the export declaration number and the certificate of origin. For avoiding any kind of delays for the exported goods to reach the destination the above mentioned documents should be filed and approved within the stipulated time. There are many other important documents that are required for completing the export procedure from Australia. The export documentation is very important for the security purpose as well as for the purpose of regulatory measures. The documents should have the correct format as well as the correct date so as to avoid any kind of troubles.

Some of the most important functions of the export documentation on are: –

•    Main evidence of any kind of terms and conditions of the contract.
•    It includes a demand of pay along with the bill of exchange.
•    It also includes a receipt of the goods that are received.
•    A declaration of any kind of liability.

The online export documentation software has offered a number of documentation solutions that has made the export documentation an easy process. In the earlier times the preparations of the export documentation required quite a lot of time but with the help of the online export documentation software the process of documentation have helped people in saving a lot of time. It has also helped in saving good amount of money as well as it has also reduced human errors that the normal export documentation was prone to.

Impex Docs has helped by providing export documentation solution that is cloud based as well as comprehensive in nature. The export documentation solution that has been provided is user friendly in nature as well as flexible. The document consists of the details of the product, the price list, the company logos, the buyer’s details, contracts as well as the purchase orders. Another major advantage of the export documentation solution provided by Impex Docs is that the documents that are provided can be integrated to all the popular and available ERP systems. The documentation that is provided by the Impex Docs is completely cloud based in nature. It means that the documents that are prepared can be accessed as well as prepared from any location with the help of the internet. It works on all the available and popular web browsers.

Export documentation is very important and essential for the exporters as it helps the exporters to file the necessary documents on time, it helps them to keep track of the various documents, to send the documents to the relevant departments and there is a central hub from where all the documents can be accessed and managed with the help of internet connection. With the help of cloud computing all the documents can be prepared, managed and accessed from any location. The printing of the document as well as the downloading necessary document can also be done with the help of the internet connection.

The certificate of origin is a mandatory statement that is issued by the exporter for the country where the shipment is being sent. It is a very necessary document as it contains all the necessary information about the details of the product that is being sent to a different country, it also contains the information about the manufacturer and the goods processed at the country where the good originates from. Impex Docs helps to submit online the Australian certificate of origin for obtaining quick response from the country. It helps in saving time and money that would have required for the courier as well as the postage charges. Another important number that is issued by Australia is the export declaration number. After processing of all the information about the nature of the shipment provided the export declaration number is generated.

Making Export Documentation Easier

There are few things more important to an exporter than the certificate of origin and export declaration number. Any delay in getting these filed or approved can mean inordinate delays for the shipped goods to reach their destination or even leave from their place of origin. These two elements are just some in a long list of documents that are essential for every shipment that is being exported from Australia. While these are important from the regulatory and security point of view, from the exporter’s point of view, they are a great headache as it is difficult to keep track of these, remember to file them on the correct dates, in the correct format, to the correct department, etc.

It is for this reason that export documentation is so important. It helps exporters to keep track of all the various documents, file them on time, send them to the correct departments, etc., all from a centralized hub that they can access at any time with an internet connection. This means they can download and print documents from any time and from anywhere. Being able to send the relevant documents to the concerned department directly from the export documentation itself takes out half the stress from the entire process.

The reason why these documents are so important is that they all have a specific purpose to fulfill. For example, the certificate of origin is mandatory for all countries where an export shipment is being sent. This is essentially a statement issued by the exporter informing the country that all the goods in the particular shipment are fully produced or obtained, processed or manufactured in the originating country, which in this case would be Australia. The export declaration number is an important number that is issued by the Australian Custom Service’s Integrated Cargo System. This is the number given after all the information provided about the nature of the shipment has been processed. It is important to have this ready because it needs to be filed six months before the shipment is to be even exported. So just imagine if the shipment is all ready for export but the exporter had not filed for the number six months ago! All the hard work and effort put into getting the shipment ready would go to waste!

Getting all this streamlined and in one place helps exporters make the entire shipment process flow more easily and smoothly.

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Impex Docs the Answer to Export Woes

Exporters generate a lot of revenue for the country but are often held back by all the bureaucratic red tape that makes it impossible to get work done as quickly or as efficiently as they would like to. The government has made it mandatory to have several certificates ready and approved before a shipment can get sent from the country. Examples of this are the pre-receival advice and the certificate of origin. Each of these has an important role to play in the export process in Australia. Inadvertently missing out on them could lead to great delays leading to loss of revenue for the exporting company. Why are these so important?

The pre-receival advice was previously available only in the paper format. At that time, it used to be called the Export Receival Advice. After being converted to the electronic format, it is now known as the pre-receival advice. This is important because it gives the shipping terminal where a shipment is meant to arrive all the necessary information about the shipment for security and other regulatory purposes. This is mandatory needs to arrive at the shipping terminal much before the arrival of the shipment itself. If the shipment arrives first and the pre-receival advice later, it would be of no use or would result in the shipment waiting idly until the advice arrives. In the shipping business, time is money so time wasted is money wasted. That is why this particular document is so crucial.

The certificate of origin is required in nearly every country in the world where an export shipment is to be sent. The exporter makes a statement declaring that the goods that are being shipped have been produced or manufactured or processed in that particular country of origin itself. Without this certificate, sometimes shipments do not even get through a particular port.

Impex Docs offers a way to get all these certificates ready to download or print all in one place, so that exporters don’t have to run helter skelter looking for documents and scratching their heads not knowing where to look. With all the documents in one place, they can easily track which needs to be sent and when they need to be sent, thus ensuring that all the documentation is in order. This way, shipments are sent like clockwork and received like clockwork without any delays, thus ensuring a steady flow of revenue for exporters.

The Solution To All Your Export Woes

Exporters work in a very stressful, time-crunched environment, where a lot of things have to fall into place perfectly and at the right time for the right results to happen. There are a lot of expenses and time spent on the correct export documentation before a consignment can be shipped. These have to be obtained from different departments according to their relevance. Each document has its own importance and relevance depending on the type of consignment being sent. Sometimes a consignment can be delayed for hours or even days and weeks because a document has been misplaced, is missing, or wasn’t filed within the deadline. In the rigmarole of paperwork, a lot of precious time is lost which could otherwise have been spent in more productive business-related pursuits.

ImpexDocs has the solution to this through their online cloud-based software. This allows exporters to download almost any document related to exports, at any time, and anywhere. Not only do you save on time, you also save on money as by downloading the documents electronically, you will be paying only half of what you would pay if you were to buy the documents manually. Some documents are even available at more than 60% less price than when bought manually. Some of the documents that are available online in this software are as follows:

  • Certificate of origin
  • Export declaration
  • Container acceptance
  • Pre-receival advice

Earlier, if you were thinking how to get a PRA (pre-receival advice) you would have to approach the concerned department and buy it each time you needed to export a consignment as this is a very important document for all shipping consignments. The shipping terminal will clear and receive the consignment only if the PRA has been sent to the concerned shipping terminal even before the arrival of the consignment. Today, if you have the online software by ImpexDocs, all you have to do is download and print out the document after paying a very nominal price for the software.

This software keeps all the documents and forms updated so you don’t have to keep track of the latest changes in the documents. It also helps to be able to download the documents at your leisure, wherever you may be, without having to worry about deadlines or rushing to buy it in heavy traffic and getting delayed. With this software, export documentation is no longer a woe-filled story!