Is Exporting Still Time-consuming for You? Find the 4 Probable Reasons

While many exporting-related activities consume fixed amounts of time, it is export documentation where you might be wasting a lot of precious time. However, you can easily address the issue by identifying the main reasons that usually make it a prolonged process. Here you will find and relate with some of the most common reasons that deprive exporting from achieving efficiency.

Constantly Looking Up Data

Do you still rely on paper files to look up for data? If that is the case, you must be spending enormous amount of time filling up forms for every single export consignment. The fact is that unnecessary paperwork can be easily replaced with electronic maintenance of data that makes it easy to refer and feed data every time you need to prepare export documents.

Manual Handling

The debate between manual and automatic handling of different types of tasks is ongoing. The fact is that automating a number of document preparation tasks can save you a lot of time. But that’s not all! It also ensures that the possible human errors are almost eliminated. This can be easily achieved with the help of export documentation software solutions.

Rekeying and Rekeying

Even if you are using an electronic system, you might be re-keying the data again and again. The fact is that every single piece of data can be stored in a centralized database and accessed as and when required. Apart from adding pace to the documentation process, it also keeps a check on data redundancy.

Visiting Every Department

You might be driving to various departments to obtain documents like certificate of origin, health certificates and trade permits. The fact is that you can fill all the forms online with the help of an international trade software system and save yourself a lot of time and labour. The bonus advantage is that the approved documents and certificates are sent back to you electronically, making it easier to print and saving the courier costs.

Exporting is a highly competitive activity. You are definitely lacking behind because of the traditional practices like those mentioned above. Make sure you pay attention towards these areas of improvement and add more value to your export business.


Simplified services of Export solution

Export business is a very vast area and needs the expertise to run it smoothly. The exporter must have to be very sound both physically and mentally as export involves a lot of different types of clearance from various authorities, lots of certificates to be issued, various types of registration numbers etc.

Getting these documents ready and registration done is not an easy cake to walk. The requirement of lots of paper work makes this job a mammoth task. To ease the process of export documentation and to expedite the retrieving of various registration numbers, international trade software is devised. It is an online platform that takes care of export documentation in a full-fledged way.
Many agencies are active in taking care of export documentation on behalf of exporters by making a better use of international trade software. Nowadays exporters are outsourcing their export documentation work to agencies for timely and cost effective services. The manual process of export documentation is extremely time-consuming and sometimes products are not exported in the set time frame.

The agencies that are providing Export Documentation services are instrumental in obtaining various documents like following:

  • Health Certificates, Phytosanitary certificates which are issued by Agriculture Department. It is required in case of export of fisheries products and plants.
  • Export Declaration Number or EDN. Export Declaration Number (EDN) is issued by the customs department. EDN is issued when Export Goods Declaration form is submitted to the custom department. It contains the details of the goods which are exported. An EDN is issued upon acceptance of Export Declaration Form. It is a combination of nine alphanumeric characters. There is a provision of lodging the export declaration form up to six months in advance. The Customs Declaration is important for uninterrupted passage of goods from one country to another.

Export declaration forms can now be submitted online with help of agencies and EDN number can be obtained easily. 

  • Certificate of Origin or COO which is issued by any Chamber of Commerce
  • PRA or Pre-Receivable Advice is also submitted. It was primarily known as Export Receival Advice. It is information to shipping terminal about the arrival of the container. In return, Cargo or Container Acceptance is issued by the shipping terminal.