Is Exporting Still Time-consuming for You? Find the 4 Probable Reasons

While many exporting-related activities consume fixed amounts of time, it is export documentation where you might be wasting a lot of precious time. However, you can easily address the issue by identifying the main reasons that usually make it a prolonged process. Here you will find and relate with some of the most common reasons that deprive exporting from achieving efficiency.

Constantly Looking Up Data

Do you still rely on paper files to look up for data? If that is the case, you must be spending enormous amount of time filling up forms for every single export consignment. The fact is that unnecessary paperwork can be easily replaced with electronic maintenance of data that makes it easy to refer and feed data every time you need to prepare export documents.

Manual Handling

The debate between manual and automatic handling of different types of tasks is ongoing. The fact is that automating a number of document preparation tasks can save you a lot of time. But that’s not all! It also ensures that the possible human errors are almost eliminated. This can be easily achieved with the help of export documentation software solutions.

Rekeying and Rekeying

Even if you are using an electronic system, you might be re-keying the data again and again. The fact is that every single piece of data can be stored in a centralized database and accessed as and when required. Apart from adding pace to the documentation process, it also keeps a check on data redundancy.

Visiting Every Department

You might be driving to various departments to obtain documents like certificate of origin, health certificates and trade permits. The fact is that you can fill all the forms online with the help of an international trade software system and save yourself a lot of time and labour. The bonus advantage is that the approved documents and certificates are sent back to you electronically, making it easier to print and saving the courier costs.

Exporting is a highly competitive activity. You are definitely lacking behind because of the traditional practices like those mentioned above. Make sure you pay attention towards these areas of improvement and add more value to your export business.


4 Common Mistakes While Creating Export Documents

The success of every export consignment depends largely on the accuracy of the export documents. Even a small error may lead to a big hurdle and your shipment may get trapped for days or weeks. In most of the cases, human errors, lack of knowledge and inexperience are the main culprits that leave loopholes in the important documents required for international trading. Here are the most common mistakes that you should essentially take note of before beginning the export documentation process.

Incorrect Contact Information

If you misspell the name or address of the consignee, be prepared for the late delivery of the consignment. It usually happens due to typos or unverified/outdated data in your records. For example, one of your old consignees might update their phone numbers and fail to inform you. Make sure that you verify this information before starting the documentation for every consignment.

Erroneous Classification of Goods

Many exporters commit the mistake while classifying the export items. For example, salted or smoked seafood comes under the category of unprocessed primary products while frozen seafood should be classified as processed primary products. Going further, you can classify four or more products in the category of mixed goods for a single consignment only if each of the commodities has values less than A$5,000.

Incorrect Product Descriptions and Labels

Product descriptions should match the content of the letter of credit, an important export document. In case of a mismatch, the customs might have to carry out time-consuming reviews of the consignment and they might object to providing clearance. The same is true about labels and packing list inconsistencies. For example, the products in the category of dangerous goods should be appropriately labeled.

Wrong Trade Codes

Familiarity with the International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) and trade codes is important to ensure smooth shipments. However, many exporters jumble up the codes only to land into frustrating situations. One common mistake is regarding the destination country code, especially in the case of North Korea (KP) and South Korea (KR). Another example is filling the wrong currency and currency code.

If you have export documentation software, chances of these mistakes diminish. Otherwise, you must invest great care and a good amount of time to keep a check on these mistakes.

How to solve your export documentation problem with export documentation service?

Have you ever experience a situation when an employee of yours create a small mistake in a document and it has cost you huge amounts of money or a wrong document is lost in pile of other documents or even worse, if a confidential document has reached wrong hands? If any of this has happened to you and in you are in an import/export business where there is a requirement of hundreds of documents on daily basis, then you need to start acting seriously now!

Export documentation software is an automated cloud-based solution for all your export documentation problems. The software is designed in such a manner that all export related documents are organized, categorized, saved and ready to retrieve and use anytime. The software meets the standard document control requirements for achieving an effective quality management system. Not everyone in your company would have access to the information and only authorized personnel would be allowed to access the documents as and when required. The software has the ability to store multiple documents. For instance, if you are exporting a shipment to the same client again and need to submit a Request for permit, then you don’t need to enter all the information again. You can easily retrieve the old information and just punch in the new information as per current shipment. The complete procedure is less time-consuming.

Gone are the days when people use to fill each and every form manually. Today with automated solutions you can get your work done in minutes and with complete accuracy, which was not possible in a manual environment. In case you are not well-versed with operating software, you can outsource the service to Export documentation service that can do the needful on your behalf. They are masters in operating the software; hence, the chances of errors are absolutely zero. So, whether it is about filling for COI or submitting a Pre Recieval advice to the shipping terminal, every task related to export documentation is handled by these services.